Trade IPv4

  • Trade IPv4

IPv4 Trading

Does your organisation have extra IPv4 resources that you would like to either sell or rent out?

Our service is for you if you are looking to:

  • Sell your IPv4 addresses
  • Lease Out your IPv4 addresses

As a recognised IP Broker in RIPE and APNIC regions, we have all the expertise to assist both buyer and sellers in ensuring that their transaction goes as smooth as possible for maximum satisfaction of both parties.

Sell IPv4

We are looking to purchase IPv4 registered in RIPE service region, but will also consider other RIRs. Contact us today for details and estimation.

  • RIPE preferred but will consider other RIRs
  • Price up to 15EURO per IP address. Subject to conditions.

Lease Out your IPv4

We have a constant supply of clients that require IPv4 on both short and long term basis.

We offer Standard Introductions as well as a Premium Introduction service.

Our premium service is designed for your peace of mind, and includes the following components:

  • Client Screening and Reputation Check Report
  • IP space monitoring during the IP Lease term (handling abuse complains, spam notifications)
  • IP Lease Agreement template
  • Help with initial setup

Frequently Asked Questions

Standard Introduction is a referral to a client from our database of clients interested in leasing the IP addresses. The clients in this database haven’t been screened, but we validated the ownership of IP ranges. The Introduction will be based on price, region and desired length of IP rental agreement.

Our Premium Introduction service, however, was created to give you an extra piece of mind. It includes client screening, and reputation check to ensure that the client has functional operations, so that they can pay the invoices in time and aren’t involved in any questionable activities such as spam.

As part of our Premium Introduction service, we will also monitor your IP ranges for abuse and spam, and notify you if such activity is detected.

On a Standard Inroduction, we will only charge you for successful introductions – so only when you sign an IP Lease with the client. If for some reason you can’t agree on the details with client that we have introduced and the lease never materialises, there will be no charge to you.

Our Premium Introduction, however, requires us to do a fair amount of work in screening the clients, so once you decide that you want a given client screened, we will be charging a one-time €250 fee even if end up not leasing to that client.


Sell IPv4

up to...
7 per IP address

Standard Introduction

200 One-time

Premium Intoduction

ASK for details

If you would like further information about the services that we provide or you have any questions about IPv4 addresses, please do not hesitate to get in touch.