IP Address Lease

Our mission is to provide IP Address Lease to all those who need it, and in particular:

  • Organisations that need IP addresses independent from their ISPs without the costly and cumbersome process of becoming an LIR
  • Organisations that need IPv4 addresses immediately, and thus waiting for RIPE membership setup, and IPv4 allocation (according to the current wait list policy) is impractical
  • Organisations that need IP ranges larger than currently allocated /24 for new LIRs


Blacklist Free

Guarantee that our IP ranges are not blacklisted in major blacklists. We take abuse complaints seriously.


Take your route security to the next level with RPKI Route Origin Authorisation (ROA) setup free of charge.

Expert Support

Our expert support will guide you through the process and help out with any issues that you may have.

Fast Setup

We own all the IPs directly. There are no 3rd parties involved and no complicated three-way contracts. The service setup is much faster.


Fully compliant with BYOIP (Bring your own IP) on AWS, Google Cloud and many others.

IP Reputation

We constantly monitor the IP reputation of your IPs and notify you on incidents such as SPAM.


Geo-location per client specification. Submission to popular IP Geolocation providers included.

rDNS Delegation

Reverse DNS zone delegation to your organisation's DNS servers or third-party provider's DNS.


Letter of Authorisation (LoA) for the duration of the contract if your upstream ISPs require one.

Our Process

We are a RIPE NCC member, and all our IP blocks are allocated directly to us. We do NOT act as a reseller, reselling somebody’s else’s IP address space. ​Because the IP space is ours the IP Lease setup takes one working day on average, so you can start announcing the IP block almost right away.
IP Address Lease Process. From the initial consultation to rapid service activation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your organisation will be required to sign the “Assignment Request and Maintenance Contract“ before the IP Lease application can be processed.

We will also require a valid form of identification such as company registration documents or a government-issued ID card, or a passport in case of natural persons. 

Your organisation will also need an AS Number. As a RIPE NCC member, we will be happy to assist. 

It depends on how quickly all the required documents (such as the company incorporation certificate), the signed IP Lease Agreement and the invoice payment are received. 

Once the above documents are received, we need 1-2 business days to process and activate your IP Lease.

Realistically speaking, the whole process takes about one week from start to finish.

Sure, please see our ASN Registration service page for details.

We certainly can assist with BGP implementation for your organisation. However this service is considered extra, and not included in the price of our ASN Registration/IP Lease services. Please contact us for details if this is of interest.

Provider Independent (PI) address space is assigned by RIPE to End-Users, who can use it to host their infrastructure. It is against the RIPE rules to rent the PI address space.

Provider Aggregate (PA) address space, on the other hand, is assigned to LIRs, who then assign chunks of it to their customers.

All IP space available for rent from us is Provider Aggregate (PA), and it is allocated to us directly. We do not resell somebody’s else address space.

The minimum IP Lease term is one year. 

Sure, we support BYOIP with providers such as Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, and Cloudflare, to name a few.

For PA (Provider Independent) address space (which is the type that you rent from us), we would set the RPKI record for you automatically when your IP Lease is activated. However for any changes we would need to process these for you.

For PI (Provider Independent) address space, (sponsored) you would be able to create the RPKI record from within the RPKI Dashboard in your RIPE account.

The RevDNS records can be set up from directly from your RIPE account, once we delegate the control over the IP Block to you. You would do this by creating a domain object that points to your organisation’s domain servers. Please note that the reverse DNS zone must exist on the DNS servers to pass the RIPE validation.

By default the inetnum objects for IP space leased from us are created with the following attributes:

mnt-lower:      YOUR-MNT
mnt-domains:    YOUR-MNT
mnt-routes:     YOUR-MNT

This gives your organisation control over the reverse DNS delegations, and the route object. This is usually enough for normal operations.

However for us to ensure that our abuse policy is respected the Maintainer (mnt-by) attribute on the inetnum object can not be changed.

We believe this is the best compromise between usability and compliance.

Unfortunately, we do not provide any hosting services at this time.

Our zero-tolerance policy relates to abuse from our IP address space, and mandates that the following activities are strictly forbidden:

  • Hacking / SPAM / DoS / DDoS
  • Hosting Pornographic / Threatening / Defamatory or other unlawful content
  • Hosting Public VPNs / Proxies / TOR nodes
  • Other illegal activities not mentioned here


IPv4 /24

256 IP Addresses
1350 Annually

IPv4 /23

512 IP Addresses
2700 Annually

IPv4 /22

1024 IP Addresses
5400 Annually

IPv6 /48

1x /48 (PA)
100 Annually

IPv6 /44

16 x /48 (PA)
300 Annually


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If you would like further information about the services that we provide or you have any questions about IPv4 addresses, please do not hesitate to get in touch.