IP Address Lease

Our mission is to provide IP Address Lease to all those who need it, and in particular:

  • Clients who need IP addresses independent from their ISPs without the costly and cumbersome process of becoming an LIR
  • Clients who need relatively few IPv4 addresses and thus the cost of obtaining IP addressing and RIPE LIR membership are unjustified for them

Our IP Address Lease service includes the following:

  • Guarantee that the IP ranges are not blacklisted
  • Reverse DNS delegation to your DNS servers
  • RPKI records
  • Geo-location per client specification
  • route/route6 objects
  • Letter of Authorisation (LoA) for the duration of the contract if your upstream ISPs require one for peering – please ask if required

We currently have both IPv4 and IPv6 IPs blocks available for immediate rental on both short and long term contracts.

Currently available are subnets of /24 (256 IPs), /23 (512 IPs), /22 (1024 IPs) and various IPv6 subnet sizes.

Why choose us?


  • We are a RIPE NCC member, and all our IP blocks are allocated directly to us
  • We do NOT act as a reseller, reselling somebody’s else’s IP address space


Networks willing to advertise IP address space using BGP need an AS Number. As a RIPE NCC member, LIR SERVICES can assist your organisation to obtain one. 


End User is requested to sign the “IP Lease Agreement” before the IP Address Lease can commence.

End User is also required to provide a valid form of identification such as company registration documents or a government-issued ID card, or a passport in case of natural persons.

The IP Lease setup takes one working day on average, so you can start announcing the IP block almost right away.


Subnet SizeFrequencyPrice
IPv4 /24Monthly€100 Contact Us
IPv4 /23Monthly€200 Contact Us
IPv4 /22Monthly€350Contact Us
IPv6 /48Annual€100Contact Us
IPv6 /44Annual€200Contact Us

Larger allocations available on request.

Contact us

If you would like further information about the services that we provide or you have any questions about IPv4 addresses, please do not hesitate to get in touch.