LIR Resource Sponsoring

If your organisation either already holds or plans to request PI (Provider Independent) or LEGACY IP resources, you need an LIR (Local Internet Registry) sponsor.

These resources are allocated directly to your organisation, and you are free to move them between different LIR sponsors.

Only an LIR such as LIR Services can become a resource sponsor and request the new IP resources from the RIPE NCC on behalf of End User organisations.

Resources without a valid sponsoring agreement need to be returned to RIPE.

New Resources

Under the current RIPE policy, IPv4 PI resources are no longer assigned, and it is only possible to request IPv6 PI resources. We have a proven track record of requesting PI resources and would be happy to handle the process for you.

It is also possible to request IPv4 and IPv6 assignments for an Internet Exchange Point (IXP) from prefixes and 2001:7f8::/32, which as specifically reserved for IPX use. These prefixes are meant for IXP peering networks, and must not be advertised to the internet.

Existing Resources

Your organisation already holds PI or LEGACY resources. Still, you are not happy with your current sponsoring LIR, or your current LIR sponsor had terminated your sponsoring agreement for some reason. In that case, we can arrange for a transfer of these resources under our sponsorship.

Similarly, if you are tired of transferring your Internet Resources to the new LIR sponsor each time that you change your bandwidth provider or move a Data Centre, our Resource Sponsoring is for you. We are truly carrier-neutral, and we do not limit your ability to use your IPs anywhere in the world.


PI Resource Sponsoring

IPv4 or IPv6
200 Annually

Legacy Resource Sponsoring

IPv4 or IPv6
200 Annually

Internet Exchange Point

IPv4 and IPv6 bundle
200 Annually

Got more questions?

If you would like further information about the services that we provide or you have any questions about IPv4 addresses, please do not hesitate to get in touch.