ASN Number Registration

An AS Number (Autonomous System Number) or ASN for short is a unique number assigned by RIR (Regional Internet Registry) to networks that have a requirement to set up dynamic routing or traffic balancing using the BGP protocol. 

The AS numbers are allocated organisations that can demonstrate multi-homed (at least two BGP capable Internet connections) network setup and require an LIR (Local Internet Registry) to sponsor the application with RIPE NCC.

Currently RIPE allocates 32-bit ASNs, but given proper justification, LIR SERVICES can help to apply for a 16-bit ASN.

An example of a proper justification is that that either the End User themselves or End User’s upstream provider utilise the network equipment does not support 32-bit ASNs.


Networks willing to advertise IP networks using BGP need an AS Number, and at least one IP Address Block that meets the following criteria:

  • IPv4 (minimum a /24)
  • IPv6 (minimum a /48).

LIR SERVICES offer IP Address Lease at competitive prices.


End User is requested to sign the “Independent Assignment Request and Maintenance Agreement “, according to the applicable RIPE policy before the ASN can be submitted to RIPE.

End User is also required to provide a valid form of identification such as company registration documents or a government-issued ID card, or a passport in case of natural persons. The ASN will be assigned to the client directly, and LIR SERVICES act as an LIR sponsor.

The AS Number registration process takes two working days on average, and we always prepare your application following strict standards that we have developed over the years to minimise the risk of your application being unsuccessful. 


ASN Registration and SponsoringAnnual€100Contact Us
The above prices include initial registration.

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